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The RAJCO Aviation Company is a company with a different perspective and approach to transforming the airline industry. Our experience and talent base provides a unique perspective to the aviation industry. Starting with our goal, making airlines more successful, our different approach has identified the top three airline cost drivers concluding that the airlines need more productive aircraft.

Our unique perspective and approach drove different analysis and compromises leading to the creation of the Zephyr. The Zephyr takes advantage of several maturing technologies to achieve its industry leading performance, including the latest advances in sonic boom reduction, super cruise engine technology, advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes.

Approaching each of the challenges facing the development of the Zephyr, RAJCO Aviation has taken an open approach in reviewing current, future and unused technologies to find the optimum technology and the best application of that technology the result of which sets the Zephyr apart from any aircraft flying or in development.

RAJCO Aviation is a pioneering aviation company with a fresh perspective and approach to today’s airline industry.

The company has been an influential force within the airline industry since 1988, conceiving, developing and managing programs that provide increased operating efficiencies for both airlines and other aerospace companies.

In 2002, RAJCO embarked on a study of the airline industry with the purpose of finding a product that would make the airlines more successful. After two years of exhaustively studying airline financial, operational, and market data, RAJCO concluded the airlines need a more productive aircraft. The definition of the aircraft’s financial and operation performance requirements led to the development of a concept aircraft. Over the next five years, technical challenges and solutions were identified leading to a unique and historic aircraft.

RAJCO Aviation has brought together a team of highly skilled and creative aviation industry professionals with extensive experience in commercial aircraft definition, development and production. These visionary leaders see the realistic potential for making a quantum leap forward in the productivity and environmental stewardship of commercial aviation's future.

The company has created a synergistic blending of its aviation and key technology leaders that provides a unique perspective and approach to solving the industry’s challenges.

The leadership team shares a passion and pioneering spirit for the aviation industry.

The RAJCO Aviation Executive Advisory Board is comprised of highly talented and experienced industry leaders called the Gray Wolves. Each board member has been a commercial aircraft-manufacturing executive with decades of experience developing and bringing new aircraft to market. Board members are passionate and creative visionaries with demonstrated records of innovation and success.

The Executive Advisory Board reviews technologies, concepts and plans providing critical feedback and guidance. Board reviews directly drive refinements in RAJCO’s concepts and plans while guiding and mentoring company leadership.

RAJCO Aviation has created an Airline Advisory Board to participate in the design and development of this industry transforming aircraft. The board reviews RAJCO’s concepts and provides RAJCO with intimate knowledge of airline operations. The Airline Advisory Board provides critical feedback and guidance ensuring aircraft design will meet the airline’s operational and financial requirements.

The board is comprised of industry leading airlines from around the world that are known for their innovation and vision.

RAJCO Aviation is offering unique opportunities for select visionary investors to join the RAJCO family. For more information please contact RAJCO’s Investor Relations Staff at Investors@rajcoaviation.com.

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