Decreased Workload and Increased Safety.
  • Automation
  • System Communications
  • Data Entry
  • Situational Awareness
  • Flight Controls
  • Flight Displays
Operational Automation
Autopilot Data Communications
Flight Data Auto Entry
Situational Awareness
Flight Controls
Flight Displays
The Zephyr provides unparalleled levels of flight automation, reducing redundant tasks and easing flight crew workload. The flight management system can receive and automatically upload data from a variety of secure ground locations such as Air Traffic Control and Airline Operations. Radar, infrared and video monitoring systems identify and track objects within a 360-degree sphere that extends 200 miles from the aircraft in flight. The state of the art man-machine interface utilizes a Digital Flight Controller, Digital Throttle Controller and Flight Segment Controller to simplify flight management. Three large graphic displays wrap the flight crew with information and provide synthetic vision to enhance operational safety.